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Oysters and Nail polish - Group exhibition - Rare Tempo Gallery - Denver, Colorado

Oysters and nail polish Diptych composed of 20" x 24" C Prints. Limited edition.

Our need for consolation is insatiable - Winning photography - 1x Photo Awards 2016, Abstract Category.

Winning photograph of 1x Photo Awards 2016, Abstract Category.Our need for consolation is insatiable | SPOON Magazine | New Edition | 05

K+P : Le Manifeste Couleur : 20 years collaboration retrospective. FRAC

In mid-August 2001 we produced this image, with photographer Emmanuel Gimeno, it was a cover for 'Twill, a magazine we were supposed to launch a month later, part of an editorial celebrating NYC diversity of styles. It became 'Twill first issue cover renamed "Chaos and Confusion"published in Oct 2001. Last week we launched K+P : Le Manifeste Couleur : our 20 years collaboration retrospective with karine chane yin. We curated, and enlarged this print to the max (4x3 meters) as we really love it, and we still are thinking this was the best way to illustrate our fights for diversity and color in the fashion business. Sadly, once again, it seems that the odd destiny of this picture is to reveal something else than what it is meant to be in the first place.

Patrice Fuma Courtis

Mesclada Estudio View - Brasil

Fotografia Inspiração - "Conheça Emmanuel Gimeno" - Article about Emmanuel Gimeno and some of his work. Mesclada Magazine.

Crush it and disappear - Selection of The Kuandu International Animation Festival (KDIAF). Taiwan 2016.

Micro short dystopian film made out of still photographs taken from a series of the same title published in Spoon Magazine.

Crush it and disappear, Honorable Mention award PX3, Paris Photography Prize 2016

Crush it and disappear SPOON MAGAZINEHONORABLE MENTION AWARD OF PX3 2016, Paris Photography Prize

Any competition is suicide

Any Competition is suicide

Crystal Head Vodka

Crystal Head Vodka

Being reasonable scares me much more than my excesses side effects.

Emotional Keyboard

Emotional Keyboard

DEADLINE [ded-lahyn]

1. the time by which something must be finished or submitted; the latest time for finishing something:

-" A five o'clock deadline".

2. a line or limit that must not be passed.

3. (formerly) a boundary around a military prison beyond which a prisoner could not venture without risk of being shot by the guards.

Any time not spent on love is wasted