Spoon Magazine, 2016 – Our need for consolation is insatiable

Emmanuel Gimeno was born in France in 1968. Whilst he thought his destiny lay in painting and drawing, he earned his diploma with distinction from the prestigious institution of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in 1990, having completed a thesis in photography. Since, Gimeno has spent over three decades traveling around the world, pursuing his artistic work and directing various creative projects.

He also left his mark on the fashion and lifestyle publication industry. His unconventional photographs have been featured in numerous highly-regarded magazines, including Harper’s Bazaar, Depeche Mode, Spoon, and Twill Magazine, among many others. His unique approach to image-making, using techniques such as image sequences, fragmented-cut negatives, and multiple exposure, creates moods that captivate and often challenge viewers.

Despite remaining underground and offbeat from the mainstream art world, Gimeno’s work regularly garners critical acclaim, resulting in worldwide exhibitions. His recent works involve mixed media constructions, fusing photography, drawing, and writing to produce profound and intriguing creations.

R.T, 2023

Let Lite Magazine, 1998

Harper’s Bazaar, 2000

Harper’s Bazaar, 2000

Twill Magazine, 2001 – I love New York

Crème Magazine, 2001 – Alenka, skin with pleasure

Spoon Magazine, 2015 – Vulnerable transitions

Spoon Magazine, 2000 – Ocean Drive

Spoon Magazine, 2015

Spoon Magazine, 2002 – Chronos

Dream Team Magazine, 2017 – Into the trees

Spoon Magazine, 2018 – In the eye

Spoon Magazine, 2018 – In the eye

Spoon Magazine, 2016

Dream Team Magazine, 2017

Spoon Magazine, 2016 – Abigail

Spoon Magazine, 2016 – Crush it and disappear

Watch the short Film Crush it and disappear – Selection of The Kuandu International Animation Festival (KDIAF). Taiwan 2016

Spoon Magazine, 2014 – Watching you while you’re looking at the world

M Style, 1999 – The Woman who fell to Earth

Twill Magazine, 2004 – The real colour of Bordeaux

Harper’s Bazaar, 2000 – unpublished

Twill Magazine, 2002 – Away Flying

Spoon Magazine, 1995 – Summer Madness, Issue Zero

Julia Douglass, 1999 – Album cover

REC (Red Eye Contest) | Paris – New York DJ’s connection Project, 1999 – Album covers