Mixed Media

This page is regularly updated and is the result of an ongoing curation, selecting pieces that best represent Emmanuel Gimeno’s artistic journey over many years of work and research.

Unwanted Knowledge – “L’immense Chambre” 2023 – Oil paint on scratched paper.

Unwanted Knowledge, 2023 – Ink on paper

“Where the end is” 2023 – Oil on paper and wood panels.

“Rock – Paper – Scissors” 2007 – Ready-made installation, unique piece.

“Killing you everyday”. audiovisual projection installation. Printed version, triptych color photography – Baryta Fine Art Paper – Size: 15 cm x 15 cm per print – Limited Edition.

“Proudly Made In NYC” – Black & White photography – Baryta Fine Art Paper – Size: 32 cm x 32 cm – Limited Edition.

“Love Note” – Ready-made, unique piece.

“200 years stacked” – Sealed books installation. Unique piece.

“29”. Reverse processed negative taped on light box.

“You don’t own me” Manipulated monochrome photographs – Baryta Fine Art Paper – Size: 30 cm x 40 cm – Limited Edition

Left : “Floating feet” printed 665 Polaroid – Right : “at the Fair” olden Polaroid

From left to right : “Black ink coat on double page” and “Cluttered black lines on double page”, Sealed book series. “They didn’t want your heart”, ink on photography. “Cluttered black lines on tear page”, Sealed book series.

From left to right : “Sara” Damaged Polaroid on torn page – “Woman’s leg” Polaroid construction

woman’s arm. reconstructed cut off negative film.

Priscilla – reconstructed cut off negative film.

Apparition and reflection. reconstructed cut off negative film. Paris, 1997

Sealed books series.

“Unused” Live round installation. Unique Piece from limited edition series.

“Our resolutions are low” Street Mural Project.

Left : Tarentine head, double exposure. Right : woman’s hand, reconstructed cut off negative.

“Lothringen” – Mixed paints on particle board – 122 cm x 160 cm.

“Un Monde” – Peinture, collage et fil de fer sur carton – 56 cm x 78 cm.