Our resolutions are low

According to the artist, ‘Our Resolutions Are Low’ is a provocative statement in response to the hypocrisies of the world we live in. Through murals featuring pixelated profanities, Gimeno highlights the contrast between the vibrant colors and pleasing visual design, and the dark realities that we may choose to ignore.

The title of the project is a clever wordplay, referencing both the low resolution of the pixelated words and the low resolutions that we set for ourselves as individuals and society. Gimeno’s art forces us to question what truly shocks us. Are the painted profanities on walls more shocking than the lack of resolution and action towards issues such as pollution, wars, sexual abuse, racism, inequalities and global injustice?

By using street art as a medium for social commentary, “The Low Resolution Project” challenges societal norms and constructs that dictate what is and isn’t acceptable. It encourages us to reflect on the underlying messages and meanings behind the taboo words, our own values and perceptions, and to consider the urgency of the real issues of the world.

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