New World Order

“NEW WORLD ORDER IS NOT NEW” is a defiant commentary on the nature of the global societal condition. Throughout history, human societies have experienced numerous periods of upheaval and transformation, often accompanied by the rise and fall of powerful empires and the emergence of new political and economic systems.

However, despite these seemingly dramatic changes, the same underlying social and economic forces continue to shape our world today. The current state of the world is not necessarily the result of some natural or inevitable process of development, but rather the outcome of deliberate choices made by those in power, who seek to maintain their position of dominance and control.

This message is challenging the prevailing narrative that portrays the current world order as the natural and inevitable result of progress and development. By suggesting that the status quo is the result of intentional actions taken by those in power, the artwork encourages us to question the legitimacy of existing social and political structures, and to consider alternative forms of organization that better serve the interests of all members of society.

Ultimately, the message of the artwork is one of caution and free will volition, urging us to recognize that the forces of oppression and exploitation that have characterized human society throughout history continue to exert their influence today. By understanding the continuity of these forces across time and space, we are better equipped to understand the nature of the challenges we face today, and to work towards a more just and equitable world for all. The rebellious nature of the message encourages us to resist the status quo and work towards a better future.

© 2016 – R.T, Paris