You don’t own me

Above : Image from the “You Don’t Own Me” triptych curated as the cover of the Italian edition of Lacy M. Johnson’s book “The Other Side”. 2022

Manipulated monochrome photographs – Baryta Fine Art Paper – Size: 30 cm x 40 cm – Limited Edition

Emmanuel Gimeno’s evocative series, originally shot in 2000, has undergone a transformation a few years later with the replacement of the film negatives technical inscriptions and the addition of a new title: “You Don’t Own Me” accompanied by some insulting profanities.

Through this series, Gimeno challenges, with a hint of sarcasm and acidity, the prevalent societal gaze that objectifies women, scrutinizing their every move. He says, “I always hated the way many men perceive women, from the way they look at them to the way they talk about them and treat them.”

The artist likes to believe that women have their own enigmatic depths that surpass men’s imaginations, and it is this mysterious quality that captivates him the most. The raw nudity depicted in the series, shrouded in darkness, is a testament to the notion that intimacy transcends the mere physicality of a naked body, transforming objects into subjects. This provocative triptych is a powerful reminder of the complex and multifaceted nature of human intimacy.

© 2017 R.W – Rare Tempo Gallery, Denver