Visual Art

Emmanuel Gimeno


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“I became a photographer because I can not live with the idea of experiencing beautiful moments only once. I love to see and feel these moments of time indefinitely, over and over again”.

Emmanuel Gimeno was born in France and studied high academic and visual arts technique at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Troyes. He graduated with honors in 1990 with a thesis exclusively composed with photography; which since then became his medium of choice.

He lived between Paris and New York for more than 20 years, conducting work of conceptual art, fashion photography and international creative direction consulting.

Convinced that art is an “act of resistance” before being any kind of communication tool, he always preserved his disruptive visions which have brought him both great achievements as well as intriguing rejections.

"Some of my best work lies in my rejection drawer".

In 2016, Emmanuel Gimeno was awarded by PX3, Paris Photography Prize, won the 1X-One Exposure Prize (abstract category) in early 2017, and was selected by The Kuandu International Animation Festival of Taiwan for his short animation movie "Crush it and disappear". Most known for his work of image sequences, fragmented-cut negatives and multiple exposure techniques, Emmanuel Gimeno's approach teases the viewer with his shifted contemplation.