Passage de l’espace et du temps

Le Passage de l’Espace et du Temps, a captivating land art project, graced Réunion Island, located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, between 1995 and 1996. This project served to investigate the potential of utilizing natural resources such as vegetation and minerals to construct organized works of art that pay homage to the island’s stunning environment.

The central aim of this initiative was to explore the island’s various regions, understand the diverse microclimates and their impact on mineral and vegetal constituents, and subsequently transform and arrange the natural state into a humanly captivating form that accentuates the beauty of the island’s varied environment. The wild nature of the island was artistically fashioned to create a sublime and profound experience for the beholder, organized in a way that enhances its natural grandeur.

Photography played a crucial role in the project, capturing some of the modifications or human impacts that would have gone unnoticed. The project underscores the importance of respecting both time and space and endeavors to create an environment that enables viewers to experience the significance of nature and its balanced harmony. A plethora of materials such as natural plants, vegetation, stones, sand, water, and other elements gathered from the island were utilized in creating these masterpieces.

Le Passage de l’Espace et du Temps is more than just a beautiful work of art. It is a project that strives to connect humanity with nature and promotes sustainability. With fifty photographs, in colors and black and white, ranging from small to monumental formats, the project exalts the beauty of the world around us, serving as an inspiration to the viewers to take action and safeguard the environment.

© 1996 L’Artothèque Museum, St Denis de la Réunion, France