In the Eye

Above : Image from the “In the Eye” series curated as the album cover of the American Band STAY 4 BREAKFAST. 2022

Colour photography – Baryta Fine Art Paper – Size: 30 cm x 30 cm – Limited Edition. Original print, hand-signed in acid free ink on reverse.

In Emmanuel Gimeno’s photograph, a captivating and enigmatic scene unfolds. The image depicts a close-up view of a woman’s pelvis, adorned in a bright yellow dress, split open to fully reveal her knees up to the top of her naked thighs. The woman holds two egg yolks in her open hands, with egg white spilling onto her legs, creating a vivid and sensuous image.

Gimeno’s work is steeped in symbolism, and this photograph is no exception. The reference to Georges Bataille’s notorious book, “Story of the Eye,” is unmistakable, and the sexual undertones of the image are palpable. The woman’s closed legs – but not locked – heighten the sense of feminine power and suggest a withholding of the full extent of her sexuality.

The egg yolks held in her hands further stress the existing tension in the image. the allusion is unequivocal, imbuing the woman with a potent domination that is both alluring and unsettling. The use of heated colors and rich textures leavens the image with a pleasing sensuality that is offset by an underlying sense of darkness and mystery.

Gimeno’s photograph is a spellbinding work of art that engages the viewer to contemplate the complex interplay of power, sexuality, and gender roles.

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